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Page d'accueil » 2011 » October » 29 » Version 1.4 only available for Sega Dreamcast
12:58 PM
Version 1.4 only available for Sega Dreamcast


Hi to all !

I update my game to the version 1.4.

Here's the changelog :

-Adds ammunitions in the third minigame to make it more fun.
-Fix a lot of bug. (Sega Dreamcast)
-Adds the support of Analog Stick ! (Sega Dreamcast)
-The Menu is a little mmmm better.
-Corrects some mistakes. (English version)
-Runs on the version 0.84b of Fenix instead of 0.84 CVS.

But only the Sega Dreamcast version is updated so this version will be exclusive for Sega Dreamcast for a while.

Others Ports (PC , Mac OSX ) will be soon available.



Salut à tous !

J'ai mis à jour mon jeu à la version 1.4.

Voici les changements :

-Ajoute la gestion des munitions dans le troisième minijeux.
-Règle beaucoup de bug. (Sega Dreamcast)
-Supporte maintenant le Stick Analogique ! (Sega Dreamcast)
-Améliore l'interface du menu.
-Un message accueillera à tout les utilisateurs jouant sur Dreamcast
-Tourne sur un port de Fenix plus récent (Version 0.84b au lieu de la version 0.84)

Seulement la version Sega Dreamcast a été mise à jour alors cette version sera exclusif pour la Dreamcast pendant un moment.

Les autres portages (PC , Mac OSX) vont bientôt être disponible.

Visualisations: 6689 | Ajouté: Blabla | Rating: 5.0/3
Nombre total de commentaires: 10
10 deanudiotte  
I can now trully say that i have been converted into a loyal fan!

9 zouzzz  
Great !
merci blabla.

8 Blabla  
Hmmm...When i had worked on my game , i had a similar problem when i play a lot of sound effects.
Maybe it's because of the new version Fenix i am using...
I'll try to reduce the number of sound effects and optimize my code.
Thanks guys !
EDIT : I confirm.I've the same problem than VasilyRS on NullDC.I'll try to fix that...

7 zouzzz  
Good job VasiliyRS, freeze at 1:09.

6 VasiliyRS  
I recorded video to show what time after the game freezes, it seems like it happens with all minigames (i checked 3of4)
I hope the developer will fix it.

5 zouzzz  
I have tested the 1.3 with SDido and i can't play another than 1st game.

4 VasiliyRS  
I just tested it... first two games freezes at beginning, others can be played... I loaded it off sd adapter. Have you guys played the game ?

3 VasiliyRS  
I posted at russian dreamcast community too
Thanks. We need our spanish friends to post it too.

2 Maturion  
Thanks for bringing this to Dreamcast.
I just posted it on SEGA-DC.DE:

It was also posted on other Dreamcast websites.
Keep up the good work!!

1 VasiliyRS  
Thanks man for working on dreamcast port, i'll it tonight for sure.

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